Thursday, August 28, 2008

4 Reasons Why Your Kids Really Need Back to School Shoes

1 Summer, 2 Fall, 3 Winter, 4 Spring. Just kidding…..

1.Kids feet grow. They grow fast. The younger they are, the faster they grow! That pair of Nike’s that fit all summer will, indeed, shrink before your eyes. Kids with their tiny feet won’t notice until one day they start pinching. Wearing shoes that are too small for your tiny feet is, well, no fun. No fun at all! They might pinch at the heel or in the toes, or maybe it will dawn on you while huffing and puffing trying to pull on those little pink crocs. No sir… not today! Today it’s time to go out and scope through some discount shoes for children of all ages in the latest styles. Don’t forget to bring the kids!
Q. Should I bring the kids? What if they throw a fit/ get jealous/ beg for something they don’t need?
A. Yes, it’s definitely worth the risk. You want to have their physical foot present for a correct fitting. And while little mama is begging for some mini mouse tap shoes, calmly remind her that she will thank you later for her comfy, practical new back-to-school shoes.
2. The School Year presents a large variety of conditions that calls for you to have a variety of styles around in regards to your kids shoes. Running on the playground, climbing up a tree, stomping through rain puddles, dancing, playing soccer, and going to church. My favorite all purpose fall shoe are Merrils. They have a warm, fuzzy lining like a slipper and the tough, durable, hiking-friendly soles on the bottom. Your kid will never want to take them off, and neither will you! Winter is going to call for warm children’s shoes, so be prepared. That cold weather really sneaks up on us! Soccer cleats, balet shoes, baby birkenstocks? What will this school year require of your children’s tiny little busy feet? And full circle back round to spring, better have the crocs on hand!
3. All the other kids will have new shoes! Okay, don’t dismiss me for a consumerist sell out yet. There IS something really nice and special about that new shoes feeling, am I wrong? It puts a spring in your step and you know it. Your kids will feel special and loved if you open your wallet enough to give them something to excited about wearing on that first day of school… just as you would do the same for yourself on the first day of a new job!
4. Buying your kids shoes is a great excuse to pick up a new pair yourself. Be a responsible consumer and take advantage of a sale now, so that you won’t have to make extra trips back next week. Think about what you really need right now… and go for it ! I was always a minimalist, and since I travel frequently, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to have a lot of clothes and shoes to haul around. But when I do come home to change out my wardrobe and visit family, I always find a good use for the shoes I do have. I scored a really cute pair of turquoise and silver sandals myself the other day at Houser Shoes, and I get compliments every time I wear them. But back to the kids. This school year will go by that much more smoothly if you spend wisely on your kids shoes! Get the car seats and juice boxes, we’re getting our tiny feet out of here.

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