Monday, October 6, 2008

Get The Fall Fashion Before You Get Flashed On

Boots with the fur.... everybody in da club was lookin at her.... T-pain said it best. Them fur boots are hotter than ever these days and if you don't already have some, its time to strut on down to the shoe store and cop a pair. Or two... And don't even think about packing away your favorite cute summer dress, chile, cause you gonna shut it down like this: rock a pair of tights and some ugg boots with that dress and throw on a couple layers on top and you're set. They go especially well with denim and khaki diggs. Avoid the hype, lines, high prices and devil worshipping goths at the mall - hit up a discount shoe, boot, and sandal store for women, men, children cause discount is the way to go. Why pay more?? These are brand names we're talking. Ugg, Dansko, Cole Haan, Merrell. Get them cheap now. I pretty much live in my Merrells. They work as slippers, hiking shoes, good for loafing, cruising around town, climbing trees, and dang, everythang! They look cute with yoga pants, jeans.... but when I rock a skirt I go for the fur boots or my timbs. Shoes. You gotta have them. I like to keep it simple, and with my back problems I can't wear alot of high heels. Anyway you never know when you're gonna need to bust a move and run, son ! Or break dance, or scale a fence... that's why I like practical, comfy shoes that don't mess us my posture or get in the way of my active lifestyle. Try walking into a yoga studio with heels.. you will get some funny looks. My footwear reflects my lifestyle of hustle and bustle. I'm ready for action in a good pair of boots. I like to check out the latest trends on the internet. Online shoes ! That way you get the hottest styles before everyone else even knows they are on the shelf. Quality footwear is important in this day and age! I just can't go loafing around in flip flops all year round (altho when I lived in the Carribean, I could...) One of the only things I like about cold weather is that you get to wear more layers, get more creative, accesorize. I might be a hardcore hustler but I'm still a girl. Not THAT girly tho, I mean my closet isn't full of every color of the rainbow. I lean toward brown, black and khaki casual shoes, and if I can't walk 10 blocks in them without whining, I probably don't own them. Okay fine.. I have a couple pairs of heels. But I don't really need them, I'm already tall! So gimme those Merrells and I'll make it through the day, shoot, I'll make it through the winter. Oh and Uggs at the club, no bad attitudes please. Instead of being jealous go on and get your own.. just better not be the same color.

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