Monday, October 6, 2008

Leaf Season in Asheville!!! Bask in the spectacle.

Our leaf season is the most beautiful thing on the east coast. No joke. I've missed out on it 2 years in a row, and this year I'm sticking around for the spectacle. The most brilliant reds, yellows, oranges exploding in splashes of color, contrasting against the clear bright blue sky... hiking through the woods in the Blue Ridge Parkway is sure to amaze you. You will be stunned, impressed, and seduced by mother nature's colorful explosions in the mountains around Asheville, North Carolina.
Vacations are certainly not only for summer time! There is nothing like a weekend get-away,
and October is the perfect time for a mountain vacation.
Trust me... it's truly a splendor. I was impressed with the leaf season in Vermont, but it didn't compare with the majesty of ours. Witness the supreme majesty of the WNC mountains in October! And check out the LEAF festival while you're here. It's a swingin good time for the whole family. We have all kinds of Bed and Breakfast or Vacation Rentals to meet your style so start doing some research now. Places might get booked up as the word spreads that we have the most bangin boombasticly beautiful leaf seasons on earth. Anyone looking for great place to stay in Asheville would find plenty of cottages, rentals, and cabins in the woods if they are going for the nature immersion, and bed and breakfast options for the urbanites. Properties range from cottages with long-range views, to a bed and breakfast in walking distance to downtown.
Brilliant maple trees riot with red orange, and glowing yellow. Dogwood berries blossom bright red. Beautiful poplars, oaks, cedars and ferns line the paths and arc overhead, you will be amazed by our famous bright scarlet sumack. Joepye weed grows about 10 feet tall with purple heads that crane up to the heavens. You'll be naming your next kid after a tree, guaranteed.
Got your hiking shoes on yet? Really, don't miss out. Pack a picnic of fresh berries, vegetarian sandwiches with locally grown organic greens, olives, and of course some fine wine or locally brewed beer. Strap on a banjo or a baby acoustic and hike up to a perfect spot underneath a beautiful tree. Smoke one, strum some tunes to your honey, snack on wild growing chickweed, and relax in the sunshine filtering through the leaves, the glorious leaves. Can you hear the bluegrass in the background? Can you smell the crisp mountain air? Can you hear the crunch of leaves under your boots? Good vibes all around in the autumn of Asheville, NC. So seriously, folks, come on down for some swingin, gospel singin, sweet tea drinkin, banjo strummin, bootleg moonshine sippin, good old fashioned southern sight seeing. Need some inspiration? A Vacation? My advice for you? Take an hike!!

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