Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What's the Buzz about Call For Creativity?

Today at the coffee shop, while researching DIY publishing for my poetry, I discovered this rockin new website called Call for Creativity. This growing online networking device is one of the best artist resources out there on the web. You can post an article about a creative topic and it will not only appear in the Resources section, but will also be syndicated to various websites. Members create profiles which feature their artwork... this is wayyyy over myspace's head, guys. No obnoxious pop up ads or underweight desperate groupies or creepy stalkers or anything. They don't even try to sell you ipods. What a relief. It's strictly art, by and for artists. For art's sake. I've been looking for a legit artist social network lately, as its easy to get to feeling weighed down and drowned out in this sterile high tech fast moving cold hard capitalist society when you are a free spirited, sensitive butterfly like me. Browsing the artist directory at C4C, I don't feel quite so alone! You can find out a lot about these people in their special interest section of the extensive, descriptive, highly personalized profile. There's crazy artists like me, magical bartenders with secret side lives as knife makers and leathersmiths out there finding ways to fuse creativity with technology?! That's what I call evolution.
If you are looking to do some collaboration, or maybe you just need an answer to a creative inquiry, then, my friend, you can post a Call for Creativity and one someone from the network will respond to your call. And you want to holler at somebody in particular more casually, you can set up a conference call in that section. The support staff is always there to help make things happen! This is seriously THE underground spot for college social networking.
Not your average creative arts club! You will find plenty of fringe, so if you're feeling like the lone weirdo or underappreciated campus creative genius, get on the computer and start browsing the creative directory at C4C. Bikers, silversmiths, herbalists, bakers, fire dancers, collage artists, painters, jewelry makers, graffiti writes, human statues, sculptors, trapeze artists, poets, writers, lone trombonists, unite!
C4C can help connect you, the artist, to a gallery where you can display your work and increase your art sales. The networking potential is endless, kind of like a fractal. There is a great page of links to other interactive art organizations
and you always have a fair shot at being featured as a featured artist at C4C or getting your work on the website if you respond to the frequent artist call for entries. Call for Creativity is great for college students and outcasts alike. I've lived on the outside of institutionalized education more or less and had a pretty dang vibrant creative life anyways, but I never rule anything out. If I were an art student in college, I would be hitting up Call for Creativity's creative directory as a resource for all of my projects. And probably making alot of super hip friends and business connects in the process.

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