Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Practicle, sassy shoes for the winter season.

If you are a woman like me, you are constantly asking yourself, how can I get just the right mix of city sass and everyday comfort and practicality in my shoes? Well I'm here to tell you all about my two favorite new pairs of shoes. One is a Dansko clogs. Mary jane style, brownish black to match my mascara- what I love about this ambiguous, versitile color is that you can pull it off with black OR brown outfit and it matches both! Talk about a two for one. And they are soooo comfy AND classy that I can wear them at the office, where I have to be on my feet alot, and they are just as comfortable as wearing crocs or merrills, with the added classy touch of leather. We are talking quality footwear. Dansko, the daring danish drop kick of all casual footwear. Where did they come up with this? Well, a unique Danish clog was discovered by husband and wife team, Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup, in a tiny Denmark shop in the late 1980’s. The shoe took them by storm and they secured the exclusive rights to the design in 1991, when Dansko, Inc. was born. Within a few years, word had spread and you can now find many lines of Dansko footwear in retail shops worldwide as well as a multitude of online shoes retailers. Get to the shoe store! Oh, and you should all know by now, I'm gonna talk about boots. did I mention the knee high black walking boots they make?? FIERCE.
Now onto my second favorite new pair women's dress shoes. Cole Haan! I scored these insanely exquisite pair of leopard print flats by Cole Haan, and yes, I'm getting away with it at the office AND on the dance floor. Never heard of them? Cole Haan shoes have a long lasting reputation for quality, craftsmanship, service and style, with long line of products for men and women. In addition to footwear, Cole Haan also manufactures jewelry, handbags, outerwear, belts and hosiery. Currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nike, Inc., Cole Haan products are available globally in the finest retail stores and online distributors. When talking quality and discount shoes, enough can not be said about Cole Haan. Their clogs are also completely sweet. They make stretch mule walking shoes, too, for the more athletic days. And of course there is a great men's line too, if you're looking to do some christmas shopping. When browsing for online shoes, look for style, comfort and quality. Try to find a good source for cheap shoes, with a good selection of casual shoes and cheap boots. I'm telling you, a great pair of clogs are a must have for winter fashion survival. If you don't have a good pair of ugg boots and at least a couple different colors of clogs, you should really invest now before the best stuff gets bought up. The secret is out! And ladies, we should be celebrating- the hottest new shoes are actually comfortable. Furry boots, clogs, flats. Yes! You won't catch me in those old blister giving old fashion heels. That's about as pas-e as smooth jazz. Unless of course it's halloween and I'm dressed up like a witch.

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